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Steel Buildings For Business

The strength of steel buildings for business delivers many benefits for the commercial market. Pre-engineered steel commercial buildings provide excellent defences from the elements.

A steel-framed building is more substantial than conventional wood framing. Pre-engineered metal buildings offer more excellent protection from force winds, heavy snow and even earthquakes – which despite not being a worry in the UK, it highlights the strength of steel.

Steel conducts electricity much better than wood. Consequently, adequately grounded steel-framed commercial buildings resist lightning damage as the current passes through the framing and harmlessly into the ground.

Since it is noncombustible, still framing also guards against fire damage. Framing is the third most likely place for a fire to ignite in a traditional building, therefore using steel framing reduces the likelihood of fire compared to that of combustible wood framing.

Similarly, if the fire was to start elsewhere in the building, the steel does not feed the fire as wood framing would.

As a result of these safety benefits, some owners of commercial-grade steel buildings reported seeing reduced insurance rates just by using metal as the core structure for their business.

Pre-engineering Steel Commercial Buildings Retain Style and Value

Since steel buildings are incredibly durable, with their decay resistance and safety aspects compared to traditional buildings, steel buildings last longer and age much slower than other traditional structures.

Older creaky buildings tend not to hold the same aesthetically pleasing look or value compared to those built using steel.

The value of your steel is also long-lasting. Should you ever decide to remove your steel building,

Hillcoe Commercial Buildings Promise Consistent Quality

Steel is consistent and predictable. Hillcoe commercial buildings are precisely manufactured under district industry guidelines. Each gauge performs precisely as all other pieces of the same gauge, supporting a known weight at a specific width and an exact distance from the next component.

Our steel-framed commercial buildings give you the most significant opportunity for a sound return on investment while providing a modern and safe space for your business.

We custom design every one of our structures to the client’s needs, desires, and location. We offer substantial metal commercial buildings for sale across the UK.

If you want to know more about steel buildings for your business or receive a quote, please click here.

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