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Why are industry accreditations like ISO 9001 so important?

We recently received the results of our ISO 9001 audit inspection and we are delighted to have retained our accreditation for another year. As an internationally recognised standard, this accreditation is familiar to industry professionals far and wide, but some of our clients may wonder exactly what it is and why it’s so important to us as a business.

When a company is looking for a contractor or supplier, they often stipulate that it is essential to have a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001 in order to be considered. This is particularly common for public sector contracts in Scotland. Being able to demonstrate this standard shows that we are not only a competent contractor but that we have processes and procedures in place across the business which enable us to deliver a quality service.

Lochlie Construction Group is committed to delivering a quality service to all of our clients and our Quality Management System allows us to continually monitor and improve our processes and procedures in order to do this. In turn, by consistently delivering this quality service to our clients, we improve our customer satisfaction ratings and reputation, allowing us the opportunity to secure new work.

Another key benefit of having quality management processes and procedures is that we are more efficient in the work we carry out for our clients, which allows us to deliver best value. Additionally, having a culture of continuous improvement means that our employees always strive to deliver the best service, and are open to making suggestions and changes to our processes to benefit the business.

Maintaining the ISO 9001 standard requires a lot of time and effort on the part of our team, however we see that there are tangible returns for our business and our customers alike. We are very proud of our recent audit results and look forward to developing our systems further as our business grows.

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