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Considering Solar Panel Installation for your Business? Let’s Talk About it!

As we approach Winter, the last thing many businesses might be thinking about is solar panel installation. However, as many of our clients this year have discovered, there are a number of steps required between the decision to install and the final product. 

The infographic below shows an example of the timescale required for a 50kw installation requiring Distribution Network Operator (DNO) approval and planning permission taking into account all the relevant appointments and paperwork required, in addition to mobilisation and procurement periods for the project, prior to the work taking place.

Infographic: Depicts timescale for an example 50kw installation requiring DNO approval and planning permission.

Considerations that may impact the timeline of your solar panel installation: 

  • DNO application (8-12 weeks) – Required for all businesses 
  • Planning permission (8+ weeks) – Required for installations over 50kWp unless you are situated in a Special Planning Zone e.g. Hillington Industrial Estate
  • Glint & Glare study – Required for businesses within 3km of the perimeter of an aerodrome, i.e. airport, airfield or helipad
  • Material lead times – these can vary depending on the brand of panels and inverter that you have selected. On recent projects, we have allowed around 4 weeks to ensure everything has been delivered

Our in-house team are experienced in dealing with installations of varying sizes and in various locations, so we can guide you through the process and determine what the requirements for your particular business are. 

We also offer a free-of-charge, bespoke solar modelling service to clients, using a data-driven approach to right-size your PV system based on your real-life consumption. Our detailed report provides forecast annual yield, carbon savings and a projection of your payback period based on actual costs. 

Get in touch with us today to get a personalised model for your business and start your solar journey.  

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