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Refurbishment of Post-War Steel Frame Building to Provide Base for Social Cohesion Charity

The project:



The Inverclyde (Community) Shed is a charity organisation that provides recreational facilities with the purpose of advancing the social needs and well-being of people living in the Inverclyde area. The historic building received funding via the Scottish Government Area Regeneration Scheme and CARES to bring the former garage back to life and implement renewable technologies.

What we did:

The project included a full refurbishment of the building and various M&E works:

M&E Works

Our scope of work for the M&E (Mechanical and Electrical) component was meticulously planned, covering crucial aspects of the building’s infrastructure. We left no stone unturned in executing the following major installations:

  • Full Electrical Installation: Our team installed a complete electrical system, consisting of wiring, outlets, and switches, to ensure that the building’s electrical needs were adequately met.
  • Full Plumbing, Sanitary, and Water Installations: We executed a comprehensive water system installation to cater to the building’s plumbing and sanitary needs, including the provision of standard water fixtures and drainage systems.
  • Full Heating System Installation: Our team skillfully installed a modern heating system, supplying adequate heat to the whole building, ensuring that tenants could enjoy comfortable and cozy living spaces.
  • Full Ventilation Installation: We also fitted a modern ventilation system to enhance air circulation and improve air quality within the building.
  • Fire and Lightning Protection: With safety as a top priority, we installed a reliable fire and lightning protection system, ensuring the building and its occupants were protected from potential fire and lightning hazards.
  • Communications, Security, and Control Systems: We also installed a comprehensive communication and security system to ensure smooth communication among occupants and wider security coverage.
  • Lift and Conveyor Installation: Additionally, our team professionally installed high-tech lifts and conveyors, facilitating the occupants’ ease of movement within the building.
  • Solar PV: Environmentally conscious, we also installed a solar PV system to provide sustainable and reliable power to the building.

Refurbishment Works

In addition to the M&E Works, we also executed several refurbishment tasks, enhancing the internal and external aesthetics of the building. The following works were performed to provide a holistic refurbishment experience:

  • Removal and Refurbishment of Steel Frame and Roof Cladding: We removed and replaced the old and damaged steel frame and roof cladding, giving the building a new and modern look.
  • Internal Joinery, including Framing, Walls, and Kitchen Fitting: We fitted high-quality joineries and fixtures, including framing, walls, and kitchen components, providing tenants with modern and functional living spaces.
  • Internal Decoration Works: Finally, we gave the building’s interiors a fresh and eye-catching finish by skillfully executing decoration works like painting, tiling, and plastering.